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Dedicated Servers

Get the exact hardware & OS configuration you want on your dedicated server.

starting at 8900 CHF per month

Discover our Dedicated Servers hosted in Switzerland

Our dedicated servers are built from enterprise-class hardware from category leaders such as Cisco, Intel, Supermicro, Western Digital, Kingston, and others to deliver ground breaking dedicated server performance on-demand.

Our range of dedicated servers feature SSD, SAS and large SATA HDD combinations with up to 192 GB RAM ECC. Upgrading later is easy. They are ideal for running demanding applications, speedy databases querying or for virtualizing. To complement your guaranteed bandwidth, you can increase the guaranteed speed for your specific requirements up to 10 Gbps per server or for mass software updates delivery, VOD, or even live streaming. In addition to speed, the available cross-connections enable to optimize geographical delivery.

Serveurs dédiés gamme ES (Essential Serveurs)

100Mbps de bande passante garantie

eES-SSD120 2x Intel Xeon Quadcore E5504 16GB ECC 2x 120GB SSD HW - 0/1 2h 89.00 CHF
eES-SSD240 2x Intel Xeon Quadcore E5504 32GB ECC 2x 240GB SSD HW - 0/1 8h 129.00 CHF
xAS-SSD128 2x Intel Xeon E5-2697v2 12c/24t - 2,7GHz/3,5GHz 128GB ECC 2x120 GB SSD + 2x 1TB SATA HW - 0/1 2 days 289.00 CHF

Included with your
Dedicated Server

  • 16 IPs with no monthly fees
  • Anti-DDoS protection
  • Monitoring & technicians on-site 24/7
  • Staffed NOC 24/7
  • 99.9% network SLA
  • 100 GB Backup Storage
  • 20 preconfigured distributions
  • Simplified administration interface
  • Remote reboot and reinstallation
  • Remote CIMC Console
  • Personalised reverse
all services included

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