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Configuration of your Zoiper 5 application under Windows

Windows Application - Configuration of your Zoiper 5 application under Windows

Installing your Zoiper 5 application on Windows

The prerequisites, you must have Zoiper 5 installed on your computer;

Download Zoiper 5 from the official Zoiper.com website

https://www.zoiper.com/en/voip-softphone/download/current a>

Install Zoiper 5 on your Windows, you will find the installation documentation link below:

https://www.zoiper.com/en/support/home/article / 184 / How_to_install_Zoiper_5 # windows

Configuring your Zoiper 5 application on Windows

Enter your user information / SIP ID:
Zoiper5 Step1

In this example:

The username should be formatted as follows: $$ USERNAME $$ @ sip.boxis.net:5060 < / a>

$$ USERNAME $$ should be replaced with the username of your SIP line.

For advanced users only; the default connection port is 5060, if you change the user's SIP STACK to PJSIP the port is different, 5080 instead of 5060.

In the next step, Zoiper asks you to confirm the server hostname.

Zoiper5 Step2

Zoiper 5's autofill should automatically keep the correct information.

Zoiper5 Step2 SIP SERVER

Then click on " Next ".

The next step, Zoiper offers you to configure an Outbound Proxy, which will not be necessary.

Click on " Skip ".

Zoiper suggests that you use the line in TCP or UDP, in this step we will use TCP.

Click on " Next ".

Your line displays a green saw.

Zoiper last step p>

This means that your SIP line is operational and you can start using Zoiper.

The configuration of your Zoiper 5 application is now complete!

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