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VoIP, SIP Phone lines & SIP Trunk

Voice Services (VoIP) - VoIP, SIP Phone lines & SIP Trunk

What is the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)?

Voice over Internet Protocol converts voice into a digital signal so that it can be carried over the internet

What is the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)?

SIP is a standardised protocol enabling a client and a server to exchange digital data.

The protocol enables to both authenticate and localise multiple participants and the media they can use.



What is the difference between an analogue/ISDN and SIP phone line?

With a SIP phone line, your phone calls transit through the internet, thus enabling you to bypass phone service providers in a way that gives you more control over your telecommunication expenses. You are no longer bound to their tariffs.

Analogue and ISDN solutions are being phased-out by phone service providers.



What is the SIP Trunk?

This service is suitable for companies that use traditional PABX's and Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchanges (IPBX/PBXIP).

Compared with traditional phone service providers, the SIP Trunk service enables the use of VoIP so that you can communicate over the phone between multiple sites within a defined network at no cost and at a highly competitive price for your external calls.


Is our Private Branch Exchange compatible with VoIP/SIP?

It is compatible with our SIP Trunk service.


Will our ISDN/analogue equipment work with the VoIP/SIP?

Your ISDN/analogue equipment will indeed work but you will need an adapter that we sell at a very competitive price.


How can I sign-up?

You may sign-up either through our website or by phone.


Are there any additional costs upon signing-up?

Additional fees only apply if a technician is needed on site. This may occur for large infrastructures.



How long is my subscription for?

Although all our subscriptions are prepaid and that you may cancel them at any time, you must notify us your intention to cancel the service via your client area online or through post. Failure to do so will result in the service being billed.



Does my subscription include an IP Phone?

Although your subscription does not include an IP Phone, you may purchase one that will best suit your needs at a very competitive price within our wide range of devices.


What additional options are available for my subscription?

You may either upgrade or downgrade your service at any time via your client area online.

This includes options such as: adjusting how many simultaneous calls you can deal with, phone calls to mobile networks, up to 6 channels per handset and many more.


What is the cost of switching phone service providers?

When cancelling your contract before the end of its term, most providers will charge you as follows :

Cancellation cost = number of outstanding payments before end of contract x monthly charge

They generally add a costly cancellation fee on top this.

Do check with your service provider!

Can I choose my phone number?

You may choose within a predefined range of numbers.


Arrays of numerical sequences are available on demand (starting at a 10-number array, 100, 1000, etc.).

Can I keep my phone number?

You can keep your current Swiss phone number. However, Swisscom, which is the main administrator irrespective of your provider, will charge Boxis a CHF 90.00 fee per number.

You will have to sign a power of attorney form which we will provide via your client area or email. This must be returned duly signed.

Only Boxis can execute the procedure.


What payment options are available?

Service subscriptions are prepaid.

Post payment of your communication bills, up to a CHF 500.00 threshold, can be arranged for large infrastructures. That threshold can be increased upon payment of guaranty deposit.

The following payment methods are accepted:

Credit Cards, PayPal (within Switzerland : Post Card, standing order or with BVR reference number, the latter one is available on request)

Paper bill: CHF 2.00- additional fee per invoice

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