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Email to SMS: Sending SMS from an email address

SMS Gateway - Email to SMS: Sending SMS from an email address

Operating principle

If you own an SMS Boxis.net account you can send SMS with any of your electronic mail accounts.

 Send an SMS from email

Sending an SMS is easy and fast :

 - Send an email to : email2sms@boxis.net

 - Subject : It is composed of your account ID as well as your SMS parameters, the sender number and, the recipient(s) number(s).

 - Text : Your mail text will be the SMS to send. There is a limit of 980 characters, one (1) SMS is limited to 160 characters, if your message is over this 160 chars. limit it will be cut into as many SMS as necessary. Our system will check that you have enough SMS credits.

 NB : If your text has 2 line breaks in a row (if you pressed "Enter" twice typically, or a double \n) or if you use the --end parameter, everything that follows will be ignored.

 If you wish to send an SMS using this method you will need an API key. You can find it here :

 - Client Area -> API -> API Key

 Editing of the mail's subject/object

 The subject must contain at least the four first fields, the rest is optional :

 username;apikey;from;to[;deferred; flash; fast]

 The parameters need to be separated by a “:” (colon), you can use the following list :

                username = Your Boxis.net account (email used to identify you)

                apikey = Your API key

                from = The user name you wish to use, you can only use the ones authorize on your account

                to = The recipient(s) number(s) separated by a “,” (coma) if there’s more than one (all numbers must be written using the international formatting system, e.g. 41123456789, for a Swiss number)

 Optional parameters :

                deferred = As SMS are sent as soon as possible by default, you can set a date with this parameter like so : hhmmDDMMAAAA (so, to send on the 25/08/2012 at 14h30 you need to write 143025082012)

                flash = Write 1 to use (0 to deactivate). The recipient will have the SMS shown on his screen and has to confirm having read it, the message will then disappear from his phone memory

                fast = Write 1 to use (0 to deactivate). This option will send your SMS with the highest priority possible. It will cost you twice the credits. Warning ! Do not use this feature to send texts en masse !


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